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Lcda. Mariana González

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* More then 20 years experience as a Teacher Spanish schools in Ecuador and Europe.

*Graduate in Spanish Language and Literature, Universidad of Loja. Ecuador.

*Graduate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.Catholic University,Quito, Ecuador.

*Secondary Education Teacher, University of Loja,Ecuador.

*Ex-Director and Owner of the "Renovación Spanish School". Quito.Ecuador.

               THE SPANISH LESSONS 


My Spanish lessons in Quito, Ecuador are based on the method of total immersion, where right from the start you hear the language and then begin to speak it.  As the classes develop, grammar, pronunciation, grammar exercises and conversation topics are introduced.  Conversation topics can cover a wide variety of themes such as politics, economics, education, travel, culture and of course themes relating to Ecuadorian life and culture.  There would also be an emphasis on idiomatic expressions and pronunciation exercises, and a lot of focus on conversation, using oral and written excercises to enhance these skills.

The only thing you’ll need to learn Spanish in Ecuador is a desire to learn; the course includes all the materials necessary to have you using and speaking the language in no time.  Amongst the didactic resources that we would use there are cards, videos, cassettes, laminates and teaching texts from both Latin America and from Spain, all of which yield very good results as language learning aids. As a registered Ecuador Language School upon finishing the course with a minimum of 240 hours, the student can receive a certificate from the Ministery of Education in Ecuador.

Ecuador where I am able to use their premises to hold my classes.

If the student is interested in other activities outside of the Ecuador Language School program, as an extra class or special activity one day per week, we could visit the colonial centre of Quito, museums and churches, the tourist centre at ‘The Middle of the World’, and indigeneous markets such as Saquisili and Otavalo among others.



In the Classroom



About Me


At the beginning of the course, having evaluated the student orally and on paper, the student and I will work out a study plan taking into account the students requirements, the length of the course and my suggestions.

The courses are geared towards beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students.  I have also prepared courses in conversation for professionals in different areas such as law, engineering, economics, tourism, retail, and voluntary work among others.

As with many other language schools in Quito, Ecuador the course is divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced:

Beginners: At this level, we begin by studying the basics.  The use of basic conversational and grammatical structures enables the student to be able to communicate almost straightaway.

Intermediate: The aims of the intermediate course are that the student will be able to communicate clearly, effectively and fluidly, and improve their level of understanding, and oral and written expression.

Advanced: In the advanced course, we will study different structures from the comparative to the subjunctive,that will enable the student to communicate with ease in different environments that he or she may need to.

Unlike other Ecuador Language Schools. I can also give lessons in Puerto Lopez and in the Amazon jungle.  If you would like details of these programs, I can send you the relevant information.


I would suggest that students have 4 of classes a day.  However, I would obviously also take into account the students requirements and suggestions.

Classes are held from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Sessions: 60 minutes


The classes can be held wherever the student wants, at their place of residence, at my house or in language schools in Quito,

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$ 8 /hr

$10 /hr online Lessons


Classes online

 Great team



In order to get an idea of how other students have found my classes you can look at our comments book:

Niklas Richter. Germany


Our last day in Loja in Emporio Cafeteria

I spent for weeks in clases with Mariana and it was a great and beneficial time for me. I could improve my Spanish skills enormously, both in grammar and vocabulary during this time.  She was very flexible in regards to the course organization, e.g.  although she lives in Quito we could have the course in Loja. Moreover, the content of the course was constantly adjusted to my respective level of Spanish which made the course always interesting. Helpful was also that we focused a lot on the speaking part to improve day-to-day conversations. Besides all of that Mariana is an absolutely nice and motivating teacher with good understanding for the student’s needs. 

I really enjoyed the time and could make a strong progress with my Spanish. Thank you a lot, Mariana! 

Con muchos saludos,


Anneli Reiter. England


Spanish classes and volunteering in Quito with Mariana Gonzalez

I would like to share my experience studying Spanish and volunteering in Quito.  I studied Spanish and lived in the house of Mariana Gonzalez for over a month and it was an amazing experience!  An experience I would highly recommend to anyone.

I lived with Mariana and her lovely family and had 4 hours of Spanish lessons every day (plus homework) and practiced Spanish the rest of the time. In a relatively short period (5 weeks), I managed to go from saying very few basic words to speaking, reading and writing.  I still have a way to go but I did not expect to improve my almost non-existent Spanish so much so quickly.  It also helped that we were not allowed to speak English in the house (ok…I must confess I did fail to follow this rule at times…).  After 5 weeks with Mariana, I was able to get a job and work as a volunteer in a Spanish only environment.

I would highly recommend Mariana Gonzalez to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish.  Mariana is a great professor who has more than 15 years of teaching experience.  She is very dedicated and passionate about her students’ progress.  She is also an amazing person with lots of life experience and will give you a great advice regardless of the subject matter (as long as you can explain the problem in Spanish J)!  I like her teaching method as it is very effective and the focus is on being able to communicate, she sure achieved more in 5 weeks than some of my teachers achieved in several years.   

In addition to teaching Spanish, Mariana helped me to get a volunteering work at a local school that was looking after young adults (14 – 18 year olds) with family problems (some of them had lived on the street for long periods of time). Those kids had experienced too much of the dark side of life already and working with them sure put things into perspective (after hearing their stories I now think twice before complaining about anything).  I am very grateful for having this experience.

In summary, if you want to study Spanish in an amazing Ecuadorian family and want to be able to speak Spanish after a relatively short period of time plus get any other help you might need (like getting a volunteering work) then I would highly recommend staying with Mariana. 

Anneli Reiter

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Vladi Vasilo. Rusian


Logan Zeisler. United States


I spent 10 weeks studying Spanish with Mariana with little Spanish exposure before. Now, I can confidentially say I can travel to any Spanish speaking country and go anywhere I want with minimal problems talking to the local people. Mariana did a spectacular job understanding my capabilities and areas I needed to focus when learning new forms of verbs and grammar. English in the U.S. is my native tongue so pronunciation was challenging at times for me to achieve. However, Mariana made sure to hold me accountable every time I mispronounced words and misused grammar. Another fun aspect of my stay in Ecuador, was the ability to live with her family which offered a unique experience. I was lucky enough to attend her son’s graduation, celebrate her birthday, and hike with her husband, Fran, to some of the peaks surrounding Quito. Thanks so much Mariana and Family 

Добрый день.  Мои ощущения от курса положительные. Занимались два месяца, между которыми я брал перерыв. Занятия проходили на испанском языке, в котором у меня изначально не было больших познаний. Второй месяц брал с проживанием у преподавателя в Эквадоре г. Кито, что  позволило полностью погрузиться в языковую среду. Курс испанского языка построен грамотно, позволяет переходить от простых вещей, таких как самопрезентация, простые темы и спряжения первых необходимых глаголов к более сложным понятиям, временам их множеству и различию в испанском языке, наклонениям и субхунтивам. Общение на разные темы во время уроков позволяет грамотно пополнить словарный запас и выявить типичные ошибки студента в процессе обучения. Преподаватель позитивный, грамотный и с чувством юмора, за что ему большое спасибо.



Sarah Wordsworth. Australia

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studiante 2.jpg

I scoured the net researching countless Spanish Schools in Ecuador before coming across Mariana’s Private Spanish classes in Quito. I am not sure how many Spanish schools in Quito could offer the same service and teaching competency of Mariana. While many Spanish schools in Ecuador can organise a prívate homestay, not may will also allow you to live with your Spanish teacher- as is with the case with Mariana’s service. Spanish schools in Quito are also generally located in the tourist centre of the city, however I wasn’t interested in meeting other English tourists as I wanted to truly immerse myself in the Spanish language and Ecuadorian culture. It was this desire that drove me to choose Mariana’s private Spanish programme over other Spanish schools in Quito and I don’t regret my decision one bit. 


I cannot thank Mariana enough for my unforgettable learning experience with her family in Ecuador. In only a matter of weeks my Spanish advanced beyond my belief. The household and class communication is based on complete Spanish immersion and the classes whether in her home or over Skype reflect Mariana's dedication and passion towards her student's progression and Spanish proficiency. After 2 and a half months studying with Mariana I had learned more Spanish than what I could have learnt in university or a group based Spanish school in Ecuador. 

I also had the opportunity to study with Mariana on the Ecuadorian coast and was so impressed with her service that I decided to take classes with her over Skype to tweek my Spanish while working in Mexico. If you're looking to seriously learn Spanish, look further than your average Spanish school in Quito and take lessons with Mariana!


Matt Bastone. United States


I took classes and lived with Mariana for two and a half months in the fall of 2012 and it was an amazing experience! If you are serious about learning Spanish as quickly as possible a private tutor is the best way to go. Mariana is an extremely great professor who is highly qualified through her educational background and 15 years of experience. I found her teaching approach very effective and all encompassing since she covers all possible areas: grammatical structure and theory, writing, reading, listening/comprehension exercises, and conversational practice. Depending on how much you want to study she will also assign homework for extra practice (highly recommended). She is a very intelligent person and explains concepts with clarity. My purpose for studying was to get an internship in South America. With very little previous knowledge of Spanish, after just 5 weeks of classes (20 hours a week in class plus homework) I was able to complete a job interview in Spanish and successfully obtain the internship I was hoping to get! Teaching ability aside, Mariana is also a great person at heart and has a great sense of humor! If you need a place to stay, I would highly recommend staying with Mariana and her family. Getting to know her family was a great experience for me and it was also great for my Spanish because the family constantly corrected me when I spoke. I would definitely recommend Mariana to anyone of any ability looking to improve his or her Spanish and willing to look further than the many standard Spanish schools in Quito!

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Outwith Spanish classes, and according to the interests and requests of the student, we can help provide: salsa lessons, volunteer program, Galapagos tours, hotels and reservations around the country and airport transfers

Salsa classes - we can suggest two prestigious and professional dance schools. They have both received recommendations within various guidebooks on Ecuador and our previous students have had good experiences learning to dance with them.

Volunteer program – as well as the opportunity within our Institute, we have contact with different foundations and institutions that work with street children, the environment, indigenous communities, hospitals and health centres.

Galapagos tours - we keep in direct contact with the owners and operators of the boats, and obtain the best prices for our students.

For more information about our services, please write to us and it will be a pleasure to answer your enquiries.

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Conjunto Jardines del la Colina, Casa 79, Phone 0987618601 Email:

                      QUITO - ECUADOR

Private Spanish Lessons


My Spanish lessons in Quito, Ecuador are based on the method of total immersion, where right from the start you hear the language and then begin to speak it.  As the classes develop, grammar, pronunciation, grammar exercises and conversation topics are introduced READ MORE




Address: Conjunto Jardines del la Colina,Casa 79


Contact : 0987618601

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